B P Prosciutti is a part of the Group Suincom, who, before in 2007 with the two companies Panini and Balugani, then in 2009 with the merger of these in a single reality, has made and continues to make important steps in the project of control with precision and methodically of the entire production chain of cured ham.

Suincom for over 15 years plays a strategic role in the intermediation, selection and purchase of pork meat from the main EU countries (mainly the Netherlands, France, Germany, Denmark and Spain), the meat is cut, trimmed and sold to companies who take care of the cooking and maturing, up to the sale to the final consumer. The experience and the positioning of Suincom in second place among the national companies in the sector, determines a philosophy of Group of constant attention to the high level of product quality, which goes from the raw material, its processing and cutting while still fresh, maturing in plants owned by the Group in Felino and Sala Baganza (Parma), until deboning, packaging and distribution operated by BP Prosciutti.

B P Prosciutti is thus able to guarantee its customers cured hams with the following features::
  • complete control of the supply chain;
  • produced hygienically controlled and conforms to the highest standards: careful selection of raw materials, specialization and training of personnel, advanced technology production lines;
  • maximum efforts to ensure the food safety;
  • consistent quality;
  • product which complies always with required characteristics;
  • punctual and precise service;
  • constant stress on excellence and the improvement of production performance.
B P Prosciutti provides its customers products worked in production units which ensure the strict enforcement of HACCP plans and compliance with the IFS and BRC standards at the highest levels of certification certificates from CMI Italy: - The Standard IFS (International Food Standard) is designed to facilitate the efficient selection of suppliers of retail food brand, on the basis of their ability to provide safe products, complying with contractual and statutory requirements. It’s a model recognized both in Europe and in the rest of the world. - The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety was created in 1998 to ensure that the branded products are obtained in accordance with defined quality standards and in compliance with the minimum requirements. It can be likened to a contract which binds the company of qualified suppliers and distribution. The application of the BRC is therefore a necessary precondition in order to export the products.
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